Back to reality. Back to me ranting.

This summer got over really fast, and I’m not okay with that. I’m still mentally stuck in my summer break. Sleeping at 4am, phone calls that lasted hours and watching tv shows all day without anyone questioning me. I surprisingly had a good first day, even though I was cranky the whole time. My friend who had left school for a while decided to make a come back, and that made my day. I yelled my heart out and gave the longest hug possible. (FYI, I’m not a hugger. I never hug people. Unless, I actually care about you.) Then I ran into few of the girlfriends I had made of summer. One, hugged me a bit too tight, and I think I broke my spine.

I hate that school took me back so unexpectedly. I’m never prepared for anything, ever. And there is nothing that I hate more in my life than school. Because school means, studies. Studies means work. And I hate work. But it doesn’t end there. School meets interacting with different kinds of people. You’ve got annoying, sassy, rude, kind people. Then you got your extroverts and introverts. Your extreme I’ll-achieve-so-many-things-you-can’t-even-dream-of people and then you got people like me who just want to make it through the year with average grades and without really grabbing anyone’s attention for any sort of thing. 

The whole point I’m trying to make here is: I hate school. But I then come to realise, I’m a student. A student is someone who spends half their lives at school. If you want it or not, you’ll end up going there anyways. As much as I love learning new things and I really do, I just don’t want to be tested on it. That’s what I hate about school. Exams ruin your life. They tear you apart, and leave you in a huge mess. But you can avoid all of this, if you start preparing for exams, from the beginning. Then again, I never prepare for anything, ever.

But kids, let me tell you one thing. School will suck for you, it really will. No matter how much you enjoy it, there will always be a part of you that just hates it. It’ll be the one place where you’ll meet the greatest and the worst people. I’ve been friends with both the kinds. Even though half the people I thought I’d be friends with for life aren’t exactly friends with me anymore, I don’t regret meeting them. I don’t regret meeting anyone really. Each person that I’ve met, has taught me something. I keep getting free life lessons while I’m friends with them. While life hands you free lessons of life, you don’t say no. My point here, school prepares you for the harsh, shitty, world out there. It’s preparing you by putting you inside a compound for 6 hours, forcibly making you wear uniforms, imposing rules and regulations and making you learn things you wished never existed. But hey, that’s just how it is, apparently. There’s no easy way out.

Well oops, I think I forgot the whole point of this post. It was supposed to be a back-to-school-ugh-i-hate-people kind of thing. I talk way too much, and this is what happens. I had to get this off my chest though, sorry not sorry. I hope you all have a great term over at school, and do try not to kill anyone. If I can make it through this term, so can you. [showers you with gummy bears]


The really sweet hipster that lives upstairs.

With me already stepping into the shoes of a 11th grader, the array of not-so-fabulous questions from my family members arise, to which, I have no option but to answer.I don’t know if it’s just me (it’s probably just me), if you’ve gone through a period of time in which you just can’t decide which profession to take up in the future. In the past 6 or 7 years, I’ve told 10 different professions which I’ve wanted to my Mom, who of course forgets about it, and lights up everytime I tell her a new job saying, “Ooh, that’s a good choice.”

Anyways here is how it is going to be. I’ll take the right degree that’s going to get me into the writing field. I WILL move to New York. Live in a cute apartment with preferably a coffee shop below it. Then, proceed to adopt a kitten and name it Oreo. I’ll not only work at magazine but also be one of those really annoying hipster bloggers who are famous for absolutely no reason. I would spend my time discovering my really great neighborhood and make friends with my neighbors who would be very old and spend their time watching Golden Girls and knit scarves.

I will also make one really weird friend who will love all the same things as I do and then we’d stay up on weekends watching great movies. And we’d order in pizza and then later go for a drink at a karaoke club and dance really badly to party songs.

Well, it seems like a good enough plan. Then again, it might not work out exactly the same. Things that are not pre-planned end up being really fun, and then I regret planning things out.