#soulfulsundays – hope.

“I don’t deserve this”.

Many who walk this earth, casually throw this phrase around when faced with the obstacles in life. True, nobody asks for bad things to happen to them, but when it does we’re all suddenly new borns, who’ve never sinned, and never had a single bad thought in their life.

Ever since I can remember, I’ve constantly been faced with problems, ranging from social anxiety, to teen angst. And every now and then, it does get me down. I go back to where I came from and tell myself that I deserve none of this.

But then again, if your mistakes and experiences don’t shape you the person that you are, then what does? We depend on each other, and are in the constant process of growing. The journey is so tough, but the warm feeling that’s deep inside all of us is what really keeps us going. If we’re so against facing such problems, how would we ever evolve? Change is said to be, “constant”, but with such a mindset, it’ll just prove to be myth.

Like the first drop of rain which reveals the start of winter, I hope that you find it within yourself to ignite the flame of hope. No matter how dark times claim to be.


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